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Hello! I am Michelle Rene' Cunniff,
alcohol & wellness coach.

My passion is to help empower professional women, who are over drinking, find freedom, peace and the ability to start living a healthier lifestyle. 

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Meet Michelle Rene'

Certified 'This Naked Mind' Coach

Michelle Rene’ is a This Naked Mind Certified Coach who empowers women to drink less and live more.  A former grey area drinker herself, Michelle’s life was full of family, friends, a corporate career and at the end of the day, her deserving glasses of wine.  

Michelle Rene’ did not have to hit ‘rock bottom’ to discover that she was in a habitual unhealthy cycle of drinking.  Like many women, she tried moderation but would in fact find herself back on the unhealthy merry-go round. 

In 2020 she discovered This Naked Mind book, a science-based methodology which inevitably led to Michelle being curious about her beliefs especially around alcohol. This transformation has been so remarkable that Michelle is committed to helping other successful/driven/grey area drinking women find their freedom. 

If you are ready to drop some old beliefs around wine or spirits being the answer to relax, socialize, celebrate and mourn, Michelle’s proven experience and compassionate style is ready to help you turn this challenge into your superpower.  She offers non-judgmental, confidential 1:1 coaching.

Michelle Rene’ lives in Plymouth, MA, has been married for 33 years, has three adult children and is Mimi to one grandchild.  In her spare time, you can typically find her walking in nature or on a yoga mat.   

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I did not have to hit "rock bottom" to discover that I was in a habitual unhealthy cycle of over drinking.  There is a way out of that cycle and I can guide you through that.

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Image by Masaaki Komori

What Clients Say

Orange Flower

"Michelle is relatable, compassionate, and so genuine.  Coaching with her was a game changer because she made me feel comfortable in terms of where I was at, but encouraged me through the process.  The biggest take away (which was transformational for me for the first time in years) was my shift in mindset.  I highly recommend her, especially for women that are midlife, and just want to change their relationship with alcohol and/or find the gifts of living AF."

—Pam Guyer

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